Traveler's Notebook Starter Kit - What I Purchased Instead


So yesterday I told you why I didn't recommend the TN from Michael's.  I was going to use it until my birthday, and then use birthday money to buy a more permanent TN, but I couldn't last until then.  What did I buy?

I am now using the Refillable Leather Journal Traveler's Notebook in standard size (8.5 x 4.5) from Amazon.  It has everything you need to get started at a reasonable price.  It sells for $28.59 and currently has a $3 coupon you can clip and use.

The one thing you should consider if you are interested in this TN is that the leather scratches easily.  I know some people like the scratches and how the leather looks as it ages. It doesn't bother me, especially as I am just getting the feel of the whole TN scene.

It comes with a zipper pouch and room for 3 cards.  This was perfect for me since I use mine as a wallet; there's just enough room for my driver's license, debit card, and insurance card, and stamps in the zipper pouch. Oh, and it also has a little pocket to slip in cash.

There are 3 inserts included:  lined, plain, and grid, as well as a slide on pen holder and a binder clip.  The notebook has 4 elastics, and I think there was an extra jumper elastic as well.

I am not an Amazon affiliate, and will not benefit from your purchase - I just like this notebook and wanted to share. (The images also belong to Amazon)

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  1. It looks like there are only two bands to hold notebooks inside; each goes thru the leather at the top and the bottom. How are the bands finished inside the cover?

    I'm curious since they look to be simply looped thru the top and bottom of the leather, and therefore there must be some connection internally.


  2. Ah. Found a picture after all... one long elastic threaded top and bottom, then tied in the middle. So, probably holds three notebooks since the knot would be off-putting. Though I guess you could move it to the top or the bottom of the notebooks.

    I love your reviews; one of the more "pragmatic" (that's a good thing!) sites out there in!

  3. Yes, one long elastic thread, tied in such a way that you have four different strings to put notebooks on, plus it is tied in such a way that you have elastic to keep your notebook closed. Mine is not tied off like it shows in that picture - it has metal wrapped around the ends so it won't pull back through the hole (hope I'm explaining that well).

    I have 5 inserts (notebooks) as well as a craft folder and plastic pouch/card holder in mine. I have been learning tricks to fitting more than one notebook on one elastic. For example, you can use a jump band to hold two notebooks together. A jump band is an elastic band - I just used a rubber band. You find the center of two notebooks and put them together with a band, THEN you slip both books under one elastic in your planner. It sounds confusing but a visual would help.


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