Using Your Planner, Particularly Your Inbox, When You're Away From Home

I always take my planner with me when I leave the house, and the main reason I never forget it is because it also functions as my wallet!  Sometimes being out and about triggers all sorts of things I want to remember or do, so I rely on my inbox to hold that information until I can get home or a free moment to process it.

Take for example the image you see above.  My dashboard, where you see a few sticky notes, is what I use for my inbox.  I scribbled down the words birthday card, gift, & stamps.  It would have been smart to write down the birthday girl's name down, but since she has the next birthday coming up, I felt sure I wouldn't forget who I was referring to. I didn't have time to take care of those tasks right then, but thanks to my daily review system, I knew I would check my inbox tomorrow if I didn't get to it today.

When I had time to sit down with my planner and process that note, I wrote "buy birthday card" on the yellow sticky note on the top right hand corner of my dashboard.  This is where I keep my "need to buy" list.  I wrote down "order Jane's gift" on today's daily page, because it was day specific and needed to be done right away, and lastly, I checked the zipper pouch and found that I did indeed have stamps to mail said birthday card. 

The second note I jotted down was Lasagna for Two.  I had heard The Pioneer Woman talk about how she made that for her and her husband, and wanted to try it.  My sons still live at home, but our nest is empty many nights of the week and I thought it was a perfect thing to make for the two of us.  I wrote it down neater and on a smaller note to put on my monthly page since I look at it at least once a week, and will consider it the next time I make my menu.

In my ringed planner, I also have an inbox dashboard where I keep notes.  In case there is a lot of information to write down, I'll skip the sticky notes and use the notepaper I keep behind the dashboard.  When I have processed all the items, I trash the sticky note or cross it off the notepaper.

This works extremely well for me, and I don't worry that I am going to forget to take care of something.  As always: Write It Down!!  <grin>

What kind of system do you have for quick or random notes?  Please share with us in the comments!

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