Planning Without Plans


From the time I had my first son in 2000, until 20 years later when both of my sons graduated from high school together, my life was non-stop busyness.  Somewhere in the middle of all of that, I discovered how valuable using a planner was.  Combined with my need for a creative outlet (creating printables, doodling, memory-making), planning became my happy place.

So now, one of my guys works full-time, the other goes to college full-time, and Mom is now at home by herself all day. They need my help keeping up with things far less than they did before, but I still have the desire to manage all the things, in a middle of a pandemic where everything has slowed down  How do I plan without having any plans?  Luckily, I have a few ideas.

As you see in my daily page from today, I added today's date header, using lettering.  I started practicing about 6 months or so ago, and it is something that appeals to my creative side.

I don't have much of a schedule, but sometimes I add one for fun and write in everyday happenings such as my daily routine (wake-up time, quiet time, desk time, meals, etc.).  Even without specific plans, a to-do list can still be helpful. I put general things on mine that are certainly not urgent, but things I'd like to get to today anyway.

I added scripture, but you could add any daily affirmation, quote, or saying that appeals to you.  Add the weather, daily trackers (water, exercise, etc.), and other reminders, such as your favorite television show that might be airing that day.

I completed the layout above by adding a few stickers, and some memory keeping, which is one of the most important things to me.  In this case, I was encouraging myself that the number on the scales doesn't indicate the progress or work that I am currently putting into my weight-loss journey.  Below is the mostly completed page for the day.

I like days like this - when it feels kind of like I'm doing a scrapbook page, but when a project comes up where I have to plan using lists and reminders and schedules, then I am really a happy camper.

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