Using a Planner When You Have No Plans

By Becky - March 17, 2022

A mom with kids is always going to have things to appointments, doctor appointments, birthday parties, church events, etc.  A homeschooling mom will also have lots of things to plan:  lesson plans, assignments, and often, as we did, will co-op activities as well.  We called ours "Friday School" and we met 3 Fridays every month.

Those things only last so long. Our Friday school close after their first two years of high school.  They began driving and became more independent (which is the goal, right?).  After graduation, I was writing very little in my planner that had to do with my guys.  I loved planning as much as always but now what?

I resisted using my planner for tracking housework or daily habits as I saw that as unnecessary for me.  I realized that I didn't track a lot of things because I actually have a pretty good memory, but I started to rethink things when I realized I still wanted to use my planning system. With a little research, you too might begin to realize that there are tons of things you can use your planner for that don't necessarily include actual plans.  

Here's a list of things that I still track in my planner, and the things that are new to me and I want to experiment with them.

Books - more time to myself = more times to read.  I will make a list of the top 10 books I want to read (ten as not to overwhelm), and check them off as I read each one.

Movies - this will be a running list of movies I've heard about that I want to check out.

Medication - the medications of a transplant patient are many!  I've kept a list of all my meds in my planner for years, because inevitably a nurse is going to ask me what meds am I taking and the list is too long and painful to give out one by one! <LOL!>  I keep extra copies and just pop one out and give it to the nurse. (They appreciate it, too!)

Weekly Menu - we shop every week so a system must be in place so I don't go crazy.  I have  menu blank, a frequently used items list (so I don't forget things not on menu), and a grocery list (usually created to match the aisles in my grocery store).

Weight Loss - I am thinking about making a whole section for this.  Tracking healthy habits, food journals, rewards, measurements, etc. will help me be more successful.  I use My Fitness Pal for tracking food/calories and will probably continue.

Wish Lists - lists not just for things I want for my birthday and Christmas, but also wish lists for remodeling (pain, new drapes, repair lamp shade), thrifting (pillows for the deck chairs, plates for my wall collection), vacation ideas...literally lists for anything you want to remember and revisit.


Memory keeping (special conversations, quotes from family to remember, etc.)

Information on pets


Daily Index

There are so, so many more things that you can do in your planner.  I think my problem is that I have had trouble letting go how things used to be.  Moving from homeschooling for 13 years to being an almost empty nester can be difficult.  I'm taking this opportunity to recreate my planner and make it into what would serve me best now.

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  1. Hi Becky, Couldn't find a way to comment with just a name and no account so doing it this way. Hi, I'm Ish.

    I like the way you choose to use your planner, thank you for sharing. I'm using a Hobonichi A6, having just spent a year in a Stalogy. I use mine as a combination planner and journal and enjoy it thoroughly. And, like you, I also have a grocery list in the back, laid out to match the aisles in the supermarket! I thought I was the only one that did that 😁


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