Where Are The Old Inserts?

I started using a planner and making my own inserts in 2014.  Since that time I have created a couple of hundred free inserts.  I never considered opening up my own shop to sell them because I didn't want to become tied down with the pressure to constantly create.  

I love to communicate with and make new friends online who have the same interests I do.  Offering free inserts came with a set of expectations on my part as I assumed (there's that word) those who downloaded my free inserts would communicate with me - their favorites, their dislikes, their needs, their setups, how they were using the inserts, etc.  That was rarely the case and it discouraged me - expectations will do that to you!  I've been guilty myself of downloading a free insert and not even saying thanks.

So, I decided to shut it all down and start over.  I will no longer feel driven to create tons of random freebies, hoping they might appeal to someone. Instead, I will make the inserts I like and use, and sometimes I will share them.  I still have all of the old inserts and will, from time to time revamp them and share them again.

I would still like to hear from you, so if you have suggestions, ideas or comments, please feel free to share!

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