Thursday, July 9, 2020

Impromptu Blog Vacation

There is so much business going on around here this week that I decided to let the blog slide a bit. I will be back next week, I promise!

Edited to add: LOL! That probably made no sense at all; I just realized that I had pre-scheduled some posts! Here I’ve been sitting all week thinking, “I need to blog!” Anyway, you get what I mean, right?

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

My Favorite Menu Planner

I have been using this insert for years and it is still my favorite.  I plant groceries for a week at a time, so I feel like I need some room to spread everything out and see it all in one place.

It's a letter-size page, so I don't keep it in my planner. I know I could shrink it down, rotate it and make it a foldable, but that would defeat the purpose I need it for.  Who knows though, I'll probably try it, LOL!  Once upon a time, I thought I would never use a planner smaller than half-size!

The top portion is where you write down your meals, underneath is where you list the ingredients for each meal/recipe.  This helps me not to forget an ingredient.  You can download it here.

Sunday, July 5, 2020

From the Archives: Everyday Matters Daily Docket

This one is a bit dated (February 11, 2015), and my style has changed quite a bit, but you never know when someone is going to like something that you think isn't very good, so I'm sharing it! You can download it HERE.

Saturday, July 4, 2020

There's a New Planner Group in Town!

I have debated for a couple of weeks now on starting a Facebook group for this blog.  As a matter of fact, I started it and have been slowly working on getting it set up.  I haven't advertised it, so there are not members of yet.

I've named it "Planner Fun Chat" and I'd love to have you join!  We'll chat about the blog, suggestions for new inserts, conversations regarding different planner topics, etc. and even though planners are the main focus, we can share about our lives as well (if you wish).

Follow this link and check it out.  Like I said, it's a new group and you might even be the first member.  Just say "hello" and maybe something about your experiences with planners.

I hope to see you there!!

Friday, July 3, 2020

Friday Felicities for July 3rd, 2020

Welcome to Friday Felicities, a meme created by Nattie - now a resident of heaven. This meme is all about creating a list of things that make you happy. Nattie knew that when you concentrate on your blessings, your sorrows are not as overwhelming. If you would like to participate, please create your own blog post and leave your link in the comments.  I would love to read it!

Things that make me happy:
  • the health benefits from all the water I'm drinking
  • spending time with my sisters (2/3) this week
  • God's provision for my family
  • fresh blueberries (did I already say that?)
  • a plant-based diet
  • regaining my health
  • this crazy cat that is watching over my shoulder
What are the things that make you happy?  Leave your Felicities in the comments OR list them on your blog and put a link in the comments so we can read them too!

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Current Planner Setup for June 29 - July 5

Hmm, maybe I will need to change "Current Planner Setup" posts from a weekly feature to an "as needed feature because y'all, not much is changing!

The only thing I added to my planner this week was a dashboard for my stickies.  I didn't really need it because I always use the first divider ("notes") as my dashboard - but I had to pull out my new laminator and laminate something!

My daily planner routine looks like this:

  1. Go to my daily page and add a sticker and a Bible verse (sometimes I do this the day before).
  2. Add the day's weather 
  3. Go to the weekly page, and add today's tasks and events to the daily page. Put a slash on the day to indicate it has been added to the daily page.  Any new information for the day should be added directly to the daily page.
  4. Go over yesterday's tasks and migrate to the current day anything that wasn't taken care of.
  5. Open bank app and balance sheet in my planner.  Check off any items that have cleared the bank and figure out the current balance.  I usually relay this to my hubby.
  6. Start Adulting!!  <grin!>
I had almost decided to start a fitness planer, but just couldn't do it!  I have to have everything together!!  So, I track my food and exercise on the daily page.  At the end of the week, I will probably record my weigh-in.  I added a fold-out fitness tracker to the front of the planner to record what kind of exercises I am doing.  

Did you make any changes this week?

Don't forget July's giveaway!  Add your comments to enter.  See the tab at the top of the page for more information.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

And the winners are...!

Congratulations!  Please email me at and I will get back to you with more details.

Thanks to everyone for commenting in June.  It has been a blast to hear from you.  July's giveaway officially starts today; when you comment on inserts, please let me know if you like them, and if not, what kind of inserts float your boat?  It helps me to know what kind of inserts to create!

Please remember to check back at the end of the month to see if you're a winner, especially if there is not contact information in your profile.

Happy July!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Notepaper Tuesday + {Elephant Edition}

I saw this charming little elephant (Roll Tide!) blowing kisses and thought he would look cute on some notepaper! You can download it HERE. (Available in half-size)

Posted from the Archives: December 5, 2018

Monday, June 29, 2020

One Book July: Are You Participating?

In case those of you involved in the planner community do not know about it, I wanted to tell you about One Book July.  To be honest, I have never participated (I'll tell you why later), but I do enjoy reading about the experiences of others in all the Instagram posts and YouTube videos.

One Book July is about using one book (planner, TN, Stalogy, etc.), one pen for one month.  What's the purpose?  In earlier years, I read, it was all about focusing on your planner system, and not all the extras we like to add.  The reason being, if your system isn't working, you'll never find planner peace. As the years have gone by, OBJ has added other elements for the month.  For example, last month the focus was on bullet journals, and a book study was done on "The Bullet Journal Method" by Ryder Carroll.  Lots of good information filled my IG and Facebook feeds.  Check out the video below (with Carrie Harling) to see what is going on this year.

Like I said above, I keep up with what everyone is doing, but I don't participate by using a different book.  My system works extremely well for me and I dont' want to change anything.  I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's books in July

Friday, June 26, 2020

Friday Felicities for June 26

Welcome to Friday Felicities, a meme created by Nattie - now a resident of heaven. This meme is all about creating a list of things that make you happy. Nattie knew that when you concentrate on your blessings, your sorrows are not as overwhelming. If you would like to participate, please create your own blog post and leave your link in the comments.  I would love to read it!

Things that make me happy:
  • a new crop of blueberries
  • my new laminator
  • Bible study and scripture writing
  • paying on debt
  • an organized planner cart
  • reaching my daily water goals
What are the things that make you happy?  Leave your Felicities in the comments OR list them on your blog and put a link in the comments so we can read them too!

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Current Planner Setup for June 22 - 29

Guess what!?  Nothing changed at all this week! I didn't add any new inserts or sections or anything.  Surprised?  I guess that's a good thing, at least it shows that everything is working the way it should for me.

There is an area of my planner that has been working overtime that I wanted to show with you - my projects section.  As I probably have mentioned before, I homeschooled my two sons and they finished their senior year in May.  Graduation was postponed due to the pandemic, but we are now planning a ceremony for July (much smaller than we anticipated but we are thankful we get to honor them).

Our cover school has always had a traditional ceremony and reception and there's a lot of planning and thought that goes into it. After meetings with my homeschool coordinator, I have quite the list of to-dos.  Currently, my project section includes a master to-do list, followed by guest lists, thank you note list, notes on wording the text invitation (we sent out announcements earlier, now we can only invite a fraction of those people to the ceremony <sad>), and various notes.  It's nice to have a specific place to keep all this information.

The planner I told you about last week arrived and all I did was take everything out of my planner and transferring into the new one.  I love the colorful stripes - it's cheerful!

I am also working on a wellness journal, and will probably put it in the aqua, personal size planner I just moved out of.  What are you doing in your planner these days?

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Week on Two Pages PLUS

I love creating and experimenting with different Week on 2 Pages layouts and I really liked this one when I was using a half-size planner.

I designed the outside dated columns for date sensitive items: appointments, due dates, etc. When I first started creating it I had all the days on one page but there was not enough room to write all that I knew I would be writing, so I divided those between the two pages.

Having an actual to-do list is a little different for me since I always write tasks that need to be done on the current day in my weekly spread - that means I re-write the task to the next day if I did not get to it but I won't do that now. If I have several days to do a task but it does need to be done by a certain day, I take my red pen and outline the checkbox

There's a weekly checklist that you can fill in on the left side page and a place to write in your menu for the week and an area for inspiration - a Bible verse, quotation, drawing, etc.

This is an undated insert - print it on letter paper, flip it and print on the other side, make sure it prints in the correct direction. Cut down the middle, punch holes, and you're ready to go!

If you give this a try, come back and let me know how you liked it. I'm always interested in knowing what kind of changes you would make to the inserts if you could. Download HERE.

This was originally published in 2016.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Notepaper Tuesday = {Planner Edition}

Today's notepaper is available in Personal Size.  If you would like a different size, please comment below and then check this post later to see if your size has been added yet.

Monday, June 22, 2020

Free Month on 1 Page for July - Many sizes

July will be here before you know it - don't blink

Download July 2020 Month on 1 Page HERE
(many sizes)

Sunday, June 21, 2020

How to Print on Post-it Notes (plus July-Dec 3x3 Notes Printable & Template)

Get your template and post-its printable HERE.

Have you ever printed on sticky notes?  I love making my own custom notes for just about anything. The process is simple - follow along and I'll show you how I made mine.

First, print your template.  It's the first page in the download located at the top of this post.  The download has 2 pages, so make sure you print only page 2.

Place your sticky notes on the template and make sure the adhesive portion is at the top of the box.  All the notes should be placed in the same direction.  Place the template in your printer 2 to print page 2.  You want to make sure the top (sticky) portion of the note is being fed through your printer first, if not, you'll end up with paper jams.

There you have it!   You can store your notes on your template, or do what I do: stack them and use a scrap sheet of paper or cardstock for the backing.

I often use the month post its any place I need a month at a glance view - usually on my projects divider or in the financial section.

If you find that you like printing your own Post-it notes and would like to see more designs on the blog, let me know!!

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Repurposing Packaging

Last week I found these clips, ruler, and washi tape (all packaged together) at the Dollar Tree. I tend to look for more functional rather than pretty items, and these fit the bill. The only thing I actually liked from this package was the binder clips. The heart clips and ruler I can live without.

I have 3 or 4 rolls of washi tape so It will be good to add another to my collection; the other rolls are 2-3 years old - I tend to make them last.

Oddly enough, the thing I was the most pleased with was the packaging. It's all very cheap - $1 you know - but it is also extremely functional.

The items came in a plastic ziplock bag of sorts. It had three holes punched down the side, and I just gave it another punch so that it would fit my planner. I'd probably pay $1 just for the zipped bag. This zipper bag cost $7.19 on Amazon. Again, the quality isn't perfect, but it works very well.

Originally published December 12, 2018, edited June 2020

Friday, June 19, 2020

Friday Felicities for June 19

Welcome to Friday Felicities, a meme created by Nattie - now a resident of heaven. This meme is all about creating a list of things that make you happy. Nattie knew that when you concentrate on your blessings, your sorrows are not as overwhelming. If you would like to participate, please create your own blog post and leave your link in the comments.  I would love to read it!

Things that make me happy:
  • a new planner from Michael's
  • new storage for my planning supplies
  • getting to celebrate Libby's (my niece) graduation with family
  • so many low-humidity days
  • frozen strawberries
What are the things that make you happy?  Leave your Felicities in the comments OR list them on your blog and put a link in the comments so we can read them too!

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Current Planner Setup for June 15 - 21

The current planner setup for this week hasn't changed much at all! Like we talked about yesterday, I have found the elusive "planner peace" and feel confident it is going to work for me the way it needs to.

However, I don't believe I will ever stick with one single binder.  They're like purses and you have to change them out often <wink>!

Earlier this week, I ordered a new Reflections binder from Michael's. Even though they are not expensive binders, I like them a lot for several reasons

Cute colors and prints - I own one in plum and in turquoise blue.  The binder I ordered is a multi-colored striped planner with a pink interior. (Below; isn't it cute!?)

Inexpensive - this planner retails for $20.99, and right under the listing online, they give you a code for 20% off.  I believe I got 30% off for signing up for texts.

Good ring size - Mine is pretty stuffed and I still have room to add more.  I want to say they are at least an inch wide, but that's not an official measurement.  

Binder Size - It is officially a personal size binder:  3.75" x 6.75".  I use compact size inserts in mine:  4.25" x 6.75".  Personal wide inserts would also fit in this planner, but there may be some crowding with your pen - but there's always a way to work around that!  I like the compact size because it gives me room to write PLUS I'm able to get 3 compact size pages from one sheet of letter paper <grin!>

So, I'm telling you about changes in my current setup and I've practically written a review for my new planner that isn't even here yet <LOL>!

One thing that I've started doing a little differently is the placement of my shopping list.  Not the list that I actually take to the grocery store, but the "Hey Mom We Need Peanut Butter List".  Usually, it is the first thing I see when I open my planner:  a little sticky note on my dashboard, but I found that I almost always kept my planner open to the current day, so I put it directly on the daily page.  Such a simple move, but found out it worked so much better than flipping my planner back and forth to the dashboard.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

How I Achieved Planner Peace

For me, Planner Peace is all about function.  I like pretty things, white space, and the occasional sticker - but those are secondary to function.  If my planner functions the way I need it to, then I have Planner Peace, and it doesn't matter if it's a small pocket planner or a red planner or a Filofax.  My stuff is all together and I can get things done.

For my planner to function for me, it has to have a monthly calendar for appointments and due dates, inserts that show the entire week at a glance (it doesn't matter if it is a WO1P or a 2-week spread), a daily page to add more details to my day, a financial section to track my outstanding debits and checks, and an A to Z section that keeps up with random important information. The only other section I have is for projects.  Currently, I am planning a homeschool graduation ceremony and trying to put together a memory book for my dad who died 4 years ago.

If I have all those things in my planner, I have planner peace!

Does that mean I always love my divider tabs, my inserts, or never get bored with my planner cover?  Absolutely not - I like creativity and variety as much as the next person.  Those things can easily be changed out - make new dividers, try new inserts or switch out planner covers - but for me, keep the function the same!

Do you have Planner Peace?   Why or why not?

Monday, June 15, 2020

Throwback to 2015...Doodle Squares?

Today I was combing through my archives from when I first started making inserts and I found these.  To be honest, I had a good laugh because doodle squares?  <LOL!>

Back then I didn't have daily or weekly pages.  I had a to-do list in front, monthly pages where I , yes, doodled on the empty squares, and then a whole bunch of useless tabs.

I actually did use the doodle squares, especially when I was on the phone or listening to a podcast.

So, just for fun, you can download Doodle Squares HERE!

    Created on letter-sized paper.
    Half Size Inserts - print at 67%
    Personal Size - print at 44%
    FC Compact - print at 50%
    B6 - print at 58%

For more information on printing letter-size inserts into the size that best fits your planner, please refer to this very helpful blog post by MomEnvy.

Look at those tabs, LOL!

One of my first planners.  I was busy during the school year!

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Photo Hack for Your Planner

Do you have a photo or journaling card that you love, but don't want to permanently put it in your planner?  This hack works the same way the hack to slit the holes in your ringed inserts.  Punch holes into an adhesive tab and slit the holes.  Attach the tab to your photo or card and then gently press the tab between the rings.  The first picture comes from the Instagramer who originally posted the idea.  The second picture was my attempt.  It works!

Idea and photo credit:  IG user paperishgirl

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Breaking Into The Planner Community: My Observations

From the moment I discovered planners, paper, inserts, and pens, I wanted to jump into the planner community, throw up both hands, and yell:  "I'm here!"

Getting to know people that share the same passion for all things planners was high on my priority list.  I just knew I could jump on social media ask questions, learn tips and hacks, share my inserts, and spend all day talking about our experiences.  

There were Facebook planner groups, big and small.  There were hundreds of planners with Instagram, a huge amount of Pinterest posts. not to mention the websites.  Where do you start?

I started with a Facebook group of like-minded people.  The group I joined is not active anymore but I still stick around for the occasional conversation and the ability to search the archives. Another group I joined is called Mid-life Planners with Purpose.  It took me a while to accept that I was a "mid-life" planner (just kidding!); now that I have retired from homeschooling, I hope to get more involved on a daily basis.

Breaking into the Instagram planner community is, in my opinion, hard.  There are a few IG's, in particular, I would like to interact with, but like me, they followed and were followed by a LOT of people.  It's hard to keep up with everybody!  I still have the planner IG where I follow a lot of people, but I also follow a smaller group of 3-5 planner people on my "real life" IG.  I  just keep watching their stories, posts, and live videos and commenting when I have something to say.  As a matter of face, commenting is one of the best ways to get involved.  It lets others know that you are interested in the it account. It's working for me.

There are other ways to get involved, but know exactly what you want.  You can get involved in IG challenges, join your favorite insert designers' Facebook group, etc. You can even open a planner blog and share on Pinterest. 

If you have any suggestions about how to get more involved in the planner community, PLEASE, please share!!

Friday, June 12, 2020

Reader Suggested Insert: Checkbook Register

Download this half-size insert here

Originally published March 21, 2015

Friday Felicities for June 12

Welcome to Friday Felicities, a meme created by Nattie - now a resident of heaven. This meme is all about creating a list of things that make you happy. Nattie knew that when you concentrate on your blessings, your sorrows are not as overwhelming. If you would like to participate, please create your own blog post and leave your link in the comments.  I would love to read it!

Things that make me happy:
  • getting out of the house and visiting Hobby Lobby
  • new routines
  • new pens (ultra-fine tip for Bible Study)
  • having time to do my own studying on miscellaneous topics

My youngest son drove me to town in his new (to him) car this week.  It's nice having a live-in chauffeur!  Between my two sons and my husband doing most of the driving, I hope I don't forget how! We stopped in Hobby Lobby where I made a beeline to the planner sections.  I still had birthday money burning a hole in my pocket and was determined to indulge in something if I found something I liked.  I don't use many stickers because I prefer lots of white space, but I bought a few that struck my fancy.  Another thing that made me happy was that planners and papercrafts were 40% off!

With both boys finishing (home) school, things feel very different around here, even though this would normally be their summer vacation.  The oldest started going to work with my husband (who is a painter) and has kept very busy. He has found he likes making money <grin>.  The youngest has enjoying driving everywhere himself.  He has an interest in sharpening knives and a few years ago saved up and bought the things he needed to sharpen the pocket knives in the house, as well as my kitchen knives.  He has the motivation to go out and find people to sharpen for and I am proud of what he has accomplished.  Restaurants are happy to have someone come in and sharpen their knives!

That was long-winded, but mentioning routines is where I was going.  My days are wide opened and most mornings I really enjoy the quiet.  I'm making time blogging, planning, Bible study and have even started trying to learn a new hobby:  brush lettering.  It's a form of calligraphy.  I call it faux calligraphy.  Here's an example:

Be sure to share your Felicities in the comments!

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Current Planner setup for June 8 - 14, 2020

If you followed this blog in the early days of 2014, you probably know that I started out using half-size planner pages.  For years I used this size, and the majority of the inserts I shared from the blog were also that size, but then after a trip to a nearby city to visit Michael's, I encountered the personal size planner. On a whim, I decided to give that size a try.  Even though it was called a personal size planner, the inserts were 4" x 6.75 inches. Compact inserts, a more standard size, are 4.25" x 6.75" so I decided to stick with that size.  Anyway, after a few months of using the smaller planner, I decided I loved it!  I never imagined I would give up half-size, but I did without looking back!

Last week I shared about my new A5 Moterm planner.  I thought I would be happy to be using A5 pages again, but I just wasn't!  So, I went back to basics and pulled out the newest of my 2 Recollections planner.  It's a good little planner and comparatively speaking, it is a very inexpensive planner and the ring size is awesome.  The Moterm that I wanted so bad has small rings and I can't get as much in as I can in the Recollections.  FYI, the Filofax A5 I own has good sized rings as well.

So, all of that to say I'm back using Compact inserts.  I use the planner as my wallet and it's a perfect size.

Let's see, what other changes have I made?
  • added a tracker, that I printed on a 3x3 Post-It Note, to remind and make sure I'm doing the repetitive things (Bed, meds, start laundry, water bottle 1, etc.) every day.
  • added a Blog editorial calendar so I can keep up with what I'm posting, and to make sure I don't repeat myself!  I made a fold-out insert for this for extra room.
  • The dailies that I used were very minimal and similar to the bullet journal method. If things go according to plan, by the time this post has published a download of the dailies will have already been published.

Since I love changing and trying new things, check back with me next week and I'll share all the newest things I'm doing.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Free Custom Planner Insert Giveaway!! Every Month!!

Who? 2 followers

What? A custom insert for your planner!!

When? At the end of every month

Where? Here!

How? Comment on the blog throughout the month, the winners will be drawn from there.  The more you comment, the more chances you have to win.

Why? Just because I like making inserts!!


  • You are eligible to win once every 3 months, however, If not enough people comment, or everyone has already won at least once, your name will be entered - so keep commenting.
  • I don't want to insult your intelligence, so I hope it goes without saying that comments such as "me!" or "I want to win!" or even "Hi!" will be disqualified.  We're trying to bring back old-fashioned blogging and comments where people actually interacted with each other!  <grin> 
  • It is important that I have a way to contact you if you win.  Comment profiles often don't include an email or other ways to contact you.  So, at the first of the month, check the blog to see if you won.  I'll also announce it on my Planner Fun Facebook page
  • The Nitty Gritty: the custom insert will be one page.  I will make an exception if the second page is a mirror of the first with only text and margin changes.  For example:  an undated week on 2 page (undated) insert.  I will have you email me your idea for the page, where you will give me as many details as you can:  fonts, colors, layout, etc.  I will create something and send you a rough draft where you will make any changes you want.  I will then complete the final draft.  

Using a B6 Stalogy as a Faith Journal and for Everyday Notes

Since quarantine started, I've been watching how other planners use a B6 Stalogy (or other notebooks) to plan. I had birthday money around the same time so I wanted to give it a try myself.

I've tried bullet journaling before, but I always go back to my rings.  However, I did discover I did like having a book that I could just open and start writing in.  Currently, I use it every day as a faith journal.  I take part in different topical scripture writing "challenges" so I am writing scripture in it daily, I also take Bible Study notes, do SOAP devotions, etc.

I took the rings out of my personal Malden and am using it as a cover for the Stalogy.  It was easy to do and I don't regret it.  Do you use a bullet journal or other notebook for planning or are you "rings only?"