My financial planner sheet has evolved over the years into something that works quite well for me.  I  have definitely noticed that there is no "one size fit all insert" and that definitely applies to budget sheets.  

I don't keep a checkbook ledger because I rarely write checks.  Until I discovered my new church uses, my tithe check was the only one I wrote every week.  However, since there are bills that I pay online that don't come out of my account immediately, I needed a way to keep up with my balance.  This insert is my solution.

First of all is the monthly calendar at the top.  I know when each bill is due, but it helps me tremendously to see at a glance what day of the week they fall on in conjunction with payday. 

Every Friday or Saturday morning, I list the bills due that week on the ledger.  As I pay them, I put a little check by the item.  When they clear the bank, I highlight, or cross through, the item (I also cross them off the calendar for an at a glance visual).

This system helps me quickly get an accurate balance by subtracting any uncleared amounts from what the bank says we have. Every time I update the balance, I highlight or cross through the previous balance to help my eyes go immediately to the one that is most current.

Download the Balance Sheet