It's a birthday celebration weekend for our family.  My hubby's birthday is tomorrow and everyone will be home to celebrate.  The guys are usually up and about on a Saturday morning, but we are expecting a few inches of snow overnight.  Snow this late in March is not usual, but not impossible...which leads me to this little story:

29 years ago, my (now) husband and I had been dating 2½ months and we were about to travel to Atlanta, GA where I was going to meet his mom for the first time.  Since it was his birthday, I asked him what he wanted and he had told me he wanted snow.  I was thinking "now?!"  No way that was possible, but I told him "no problem" anyway.  The morning we left there we snow flurries, so we both thought that was pretty cool.  That was 1993, and when we woke up the next morning, Atlanta (and most of the SE) was covered in snow.  That's what they called "the storm of the century".  It's a fun memory for us, and tomorrow we are supposed to wake up to a couple of inches of snow.

The threat of snow cancelled plans to celebrate my mom's 75th birthday on Saturday, so we moved it to Sunday.  That's how quick the bad weather is going to move out.  Our high today is 70, 36 on Saturday and back up to 55 on Sunday.  My sinus' are going to go crazy.  

And let's not forget about the time change!  I know it's rough for lots of people, but I personally love it.  I am a different person when I have sunlight till after 7pm!  I hope you all have plenty of adventures yourself this weekend!